Recipe: Light and bright Christmas samosas

Indian christmas pudding samosas | Sea Spice Indian Restaurant, Aldeburgh Suffolk

We only have to look at the many variations on the Christmas pudding theme displayed on supermarket shelves, to know that people crave a change from traditional stodge. This is an easy and perfect idea to try at home. The only slightly tricky bit is the folding but a little practice will go a long way.

You’ll need:
1. A Christmas pudding for the filling or a jar of your favourite mincemeat
2. Filo sheets
3. Melted unsalted butter
4. Icing sugar
5. Brandy sauce or a gorgeous ice cream like cardamom or saffron
6. Oven set at 200C

Making the samosas:
a) Lay the sheets out so you have short end facing you
b) Cut the stack of sheets into three even long strips (you can vary this according to the size you want to end up with)
c) Butter the top sheet with a pastry brush
d) Put a heaped spoonful portion of pudding at the bottom and fold a corner over the filling so you’ve got the beginning of a triangle.
e) Keep folding left and right using up the strip
f) And repeat all the way through the sheets

Pop into a 200C oven for 10 – 15 mins
Keep an eye on them as you want golden not singed.

They’re best served straightaway on a large dish, with icing sugar sifted over the top and a few scattered cardamom pods along with brandy sauce or ice cream. You could easily change the brandy sauce to a cream flavoured with spices. Also you could add ground cardamom to your filling for an extra spice kick.

Don’t forget, a beautiful glass of pudding wine will round things off nicely too. Something rich, dark and deep with plenty of noble rot should do it.