16 April 2019

The beautiful seaside town of Aldeburgh

Perched on the picturesque Suffolk coast, Aldeburgh was once an important Tudor port and its local shipbuilders were responsible for Francis Drake's Golden Hind, a ship best known for her circumnavigation of the globe between 1577 and 1580.

The town's historic buildings, such as 400-year old Moot Hall, the Norman Church and the Martello tower, have survived the test of time and provide a fascinating insight into the area's history. Today Aldeburgh is renowned for many things, its pretty seaside setting and fresh seafood (including great fish and chips), as well as a vibrant art and music scene, highlights of which include the Aldeburgh Music festival and Maggi Hamblings Scallop sculpture on the beach.

Every June a classical music festival takes place at nearby Snape Maltings. This festival was founded by Benjamin Britten along with Eric Crozier and Peter Pears in 1948. It has taken place ever since and is a fitting tribute to the three. For details on the Festival see Aldeburgh Music. Created by local artist Maggi Hambling, one of the most controversial monuments celebrating the life of Benjamin Britten is 'The Scallop'. This seashell sculpture sits on Aldeburgh's beach to the north of the town. There have been petitions to have the shell removed from this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, but others feel it is a perfect reminder of Britten and an excellent attraction embodying Aldeburgh.

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