Craft Beer? Ask a Cicerone

18 April 2019

When it's wine you ask a sommelier. When it's craft beer you ask a cicerone. And when it's matching craft beers with exotic Indian cuisine make your way to Sea Spice and ask us. We always stay closely in touch with our contacts at our favourite specialist breweries including Adnams in Southwold and Meantime Brewing Company in Greenwich. Suffolk is definitely our heartland for food and drink but there's also that wider world of craft beer out there that's too good to ignore. Germany, California, the Americas, Japan and of course India play a role in our list of extremely carefully chosen ales and lagers. Here are a few of our favourite matches.


Intense flavours of honey and orange blossom, and delicate aromas of jasmine and lavender. Try it with the Chicken Jalfrezi or the Lamb chops from the clay oven.


From Bangalore, India. Clean and refreshing lager, bursting with hops and citrus flavours. This is perfect with the Day Boat Lobster or pan fried Sea bass.


Brewed in Petaluma, California. Bitterness with toasted biscuit malts and a touch of honey. Soft and herbal finish. Best with the Prawns Moilee or the Paneer Butter Masala. As for the word cicerone; it's an American creation (of course) and not one we've used yet. But if you ask for the cicerone we'll know you've read this.

5 / 6